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Hello Y'all.....
I look forward to bringing you top-­notch customer service to the forefront of Real Estate in the Central Texas San Antonio area. Since established, many home owners, sellers, buyers, renters and businesses have discovered what I have to offer. We have expanded into several fast growing markets to include Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, PLUS The entire San Antonio Area to include New Braunfels, Cibilo, Shertz, Selma, Converse, Universal City along with many other communities. Why is this important to you? Sellers want to know how they benefit from one listing agent to the other. Buyers want personal attention from someone they can trust. How do they measure success? In home buying/selling, it's dollars & cents! Imagine receiving Stellar Customer Service at pricing that meets & beats the competition. 

                                                                                         Why Do Buyers Need a Buyer's Agent?

Most buyers believe that they are completely capable of finding a home on their own using the INTERNET!  Who can blame you for that?  With the plethora of resources available, it seems that Realtor's are no longer the gatekeepers of information in the Real Estate market.  One quick question, how accurate is the information on the Internet?  Don’t answer that…truth is, you might not want to know the answer as a buyer or seller.

  10 Reasons Buyers need an Agent

  1. It’s convenient.  Finding the homes that fit your needs list and scheduling showings can be a full time job.  Let a professional who knows.
  2. My services are free to the buyer.  (The only exception to this is a for sale by owner property; however, the sales price is negotiated for commission fees.)
  3. Works Real Estate 24/7 to take care of your needs.
  4. My market knowledge.  Resale homes versus new builder homes…know the difference and the benefits of each.
  5. Realtor is a professional negotiator.  My job is to meet in the middle, take care of my buyer first, and close the deal best for you.
  6. Professional connections.  Who do I know that can help you?
  7. Insider knowledge.  Let me put my experience and knowledge to work for you!
  8. Access to comparable properties & up to date sales data.  What information do I have access to that you don’t? 
  9. Helping to identify your needs and prioritize your wants. 
  10. I will mitigate your emotions about buying.  It is an emotional roller coaster.
  11. My knowledge of industry standards, legalities, and contract writing.  The most important aspect of my job as a Realtor.