Burglar-Proof Your Home

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Burglar-Proof Your Home

*Do Not leave keys in hiding places outside the house.

*Keep your garage door closed and locked always.

*Trim back bushes under windows.

*Plant prickly, thorny shrubs/bushes under windows.

*Bright lights outside around all doors and window discourage break ins. Install motion lights on corners of the home.

*Install a solid core or metal-clad door.

*Doors with windows should have a double deadbolts.

*Secure garage doors with cane, stick, pole ect....

*Install a peep hole in front door.

*Secure crank Windows by drilling a hole through the latch frame and handle, then insert a metal pin through the hole to secure the window in place.

*Place Alarm stickers on doors and windows.

*A keypad garage door should be reprogrammed often.

*Do Not leave your garage door opener visible in your car.

*Do Not let strangers into your home.